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Rx On Wheels was founded by a team of professionals actively involved in the Canadian pharmacy landscape. Through a deep understanding of challenges faced by pharmacies today, we understand that it is more important than ever for retail pharmacies to reach a broader patient audience in a cost-efficient model.

If your Pharmacy is currently delivering to your patients or looking to grow your on-demand delivery service – Rx On Wheels is here to help.

Rx On Wheels offers you an industry leading platform, professional pharmaceutical delivery staff, and the BEST SERVICE guarantee to enable your pharmacy to grow with a smile.

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Prepare your patients prescriptions

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Get Prescription Medications Delivered at Your Doorstep

We deliver all types of prescriptions and medications, even home infusions. Our courier service makes sure that all of your prescriptions are properly picked up and delivered to their destination in as quick of a manner as possible.

Reduce Missed Deliveries

We provide you and your patients with the ability to live track deliveries in real time. Always knowing when you can expect medications to arrive.

Competitive Service Rates

With our transparent tier model, you can deliver to even more patients while staying on budget.

Climate Controlled

Our vehicles are climate controlled and arrive at your patients home in the same condition they left the pharmacy.

Secure & Certified

Signature confirmation, ID Verification and instant proof of delivery.


We provide you with industry-leading coverage on all deliveries.

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