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Delivery Proof

Proof Of Delivery

Electronic Signature available once the delivery is complete and archived in your portal.
*As precaution during COVID-19 outbreak. Pictures will serve as confirmations.
Temperature Control

Temperature Control

We keep deliveries requiring temperature monitoring between 2⁰C and 8⁰C.
Patient’s Privacy


Your patient’s privacy is of the utmost importance, it is why you are greeted to only fill the basic information required to complete the delivery and excluding all health-related information.
Record Keeping Policy

Record keeping Policy

As required by the Ontario College of Pharmacists, all your delivery records are securely archived using AES-256 Encryption and a ledger can be downloaded in CSV or PDF formats at any time.
Live Tracking of Deliveries


You are in control of your deliveries with Rx On Wheels Live Tracking®

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